Live music

Seth Corbin – The Final Curtain Call

Seth Corbin a very talented anti-folk/folk-punk musician based in Brighton, who makes his music in his attic.



Seth Corbin – The Alcohol Song


Evan Greer at the Grey’s pub Brighton

Pog – The Smell of Tea Time




Anal Beard – Rub Me Out

This is Anal Beard’s last ever gig!




Ben Solomon – Butterfield Rows

This is a melodic composition therapy, made for the Swenglish – film by Ben Solomon, a Brighton based piano music composer…
It gives your brain a massage and fills it with happy chemicals….enjoy!



Eat Static – Pharaoh live @ Over The Moon festival 2012


Americana music night at the Fizherbets pub, Brighton


Sam Chara and the Love interest – live Cabaret music


Phil Cory – Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls at Over The Moon festival 2012

Crystal singing bowls have been used traditionally for spiritual and healing purposes since ancient times. The secret of the bowls is the way they sound and the vibrations they emit. They produce pure vibration, having the ability to balance the frequency in different levels of consciousness, assembling multiple harmonic overtones at the same time.


Andy Prince playing the Chapman Stick

The Chapman Stick is an unusual musical instrument invented my Emmett Chapman in the late 1960’s. Imagine creating music on a stringed instrument that is simultaneously a guitar, a bass, a piano, and percussion, that is a Chapman Stick


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