Pushing the bar of factual tv and making programmes “Swenglish” is so different from all the Hollywood-infused work we are surrounded by.
Louise Halvardsson is a Swedish novelist and performance poet, who’d lived in Brighton for a decade and found herself questioning her own existence, desires and purpose in life, as she approached her 30th birthday. Her way out was Swenglish, a project which saw her celebrate her 30th by living with 30 different people for 30 weeks. Fighting against a feeling that life is hollow, narrow, devoid of purpose and curious to find out how other people’s life were like – she stayed with each person for a week, living in their homes, shadowing them at work and in their everyday life.


Swenglish – A Journey of Self Discovery from Adriana Sabau on Vimeo.

The documentary covers the author’s development and emotions throughout the project, encapsulating the peak experiences she’s had while living other people’s lives, possessing a mystical and spiritual element, filled with visions and the sense of something larger at work. However, as is the case with every journey it is about the back roads, the stumbles and the hurdles along the path that teaches us the experience of life, and the excitement of not knowing what is around the corner. We discover our answers almost accidentally as we move towards our target.

The story touches on subjects such as the connection between religion, nature and spiritual practises. One of the most exciting person she stayed with was someone in Sweden who hunted UFO’s while in Brighton she was introduced to 5 Rhythm Dance and meditation. One woman she stayed with in Brighton went swimming in the sea every morning at 6.30am, even in the winter.

In contrast with the mystical side of the journey, the documentary also explores the quirky side of countries. Anytime is a time for a pint in England, for example when you are waiting for your washing in the launderette while in Sweden you have to get really drunk before you go to the pub otherwise no one think it’s fun. The English are really fussy about their tea, it’s impossible to make a nice cup of tea for an English person if you are Swedish. In England people often go for a traditional Sunday roast, on Sunday’s afternoon, in Sweden the best hangover cure is Swedish pizza topping include chips, banana and kebab sauce often mixed together.

Changing the environment from one week to another and learning from other people’s life styles has affected the author’s way of looking towards the future and her attitude towards life in general. The Swenglish project has been a life changing experience for Louise Halvardsson.


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