Swenglish – A Journey of Self Discovery

Pushing the bar of factual TV “Swenglish” is so different from all the Hollywood-infused work we are surrounded by.
Louise Halvardsson is a Swedish novelist and performance poet, who’d lived in Brighton for a decade and found herself questioning her own existence, desires, and purpose in life, as she approached her 30th birthday. Her way out was Swenglish, a project which saw her celebrate her 30th by living with 30 different people for 30 weeks. Fighting against a feeling that life is hollow, narrow, devoid of purpose and curious to find out how other people’s life were like – she stayed with each person for a week, living in their homes, shadowing them at work and in their everyday life.
The documentary has been selected for several film festivals around the world: FilmFest on TV at The Latest TV, Brighton UK; TMC London Film Festival UK – nominated for the Best Editor Award; Winter Word Festival Strömstad, Sweden; Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain and Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, USA.

Swenglish – A Journey of Self Discovery from Adriana Sabau on Vimeo.

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